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Enjoy the memories with a professionally cut movie of your day fly fishing with Bodhi Trout!

Welcome to Bodhi Trout ~ home of world class fly fishing in New Zealand's South Island.  

All rivers hold both wild Rainbow and wild Brown Trout.

The Mackenzie Basin - Central South Island, offers a variety of fly fishing water, from fast-flowing mountain rivers to gentle chalk stream type water.

Southland - includes rivers that are considered the trout fisher purist's dream and certainly includes some of the world's best rivers with unsurpassed backdrops.

Central Otago - including Queenstown - presents a variety of lakes and world-renowned rivers such as the Greenstone, Caples and Von.

These rivers offer every angler the opportunity to test his or her fly fishing skills against a wild population of Brown and Rainbow trout under conditions that sometimes demand a high level of casting skill and experience. Useful casts include the Wye cast, the slack cast, the flip cast and the snap cast, all of which can be taught during your single or multi-day excursion with Declan Wong, professional guide and NZFGA member.

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