1) What is the best time of the season?

The beginning of the season can be very good. Early October, November, December the fish are eager to put on weight and generally in  good condition. The weather however can be a bit wild, being close to the mountains. Sunny mornings followed by snow, not uncommon.

January / February the caddis start hatching out in the high country, which can be loads of fun. Good dry fly time.

March / April is beginning to get a bit colder, but lovely mornings and warm afternoons ; the weather is more stable.
Winter fishing provides a limited choice of available locations but can be fun, immensely rewarding and quiet.

2) What to bring.

The weather in the early part of the season can often be unpredictable with sunny skies in the morning followed by snow in the afternoon. Foul weather gear a must. A second rod in the case of one breaking.  4,5, and 6, are fine selections, though at times a heavy rod in the wind can be best. It has been recommended to fish with darker colored lines over bright colors, casting instructors point out that your line should not be near a fish, so bring your A game.

3) Other Logistics.

You can fly directly into Queenstown or Christchurch - please contact us if you would like assistance with travel arrangements from arrival.  We can meet you if required and arrange accommodation.
* expenses incurred through travel, accommodation or other are in addition to your daily guiding rate.